SICSA REALLM Workshop 2024

SICSA Workshop on Reasoning, Explanations and Applications of Large Language Models

In the last few years, Large Language Models (LLMs) underpinned by rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have grabbed the attention of academia, industry and the general public. Demonstrating hence before unseen capability to deal with a wide-range of tasks across data modalities, LLMs have opened research avenues across the broad domains of knowledge-management tasks. Equally  however, these advancements create new opportunities and challenges, both in the design of LLMs and in their practical application. 

Among these is the challenge of integrating reasoning within LLM architectures, to prevent repetition of mistakes or spreading of disinformation. In such circumstances, explainability and traceability of model outcomes becomes paramount, particularly when these algorithms present opportunity for optimisation within safety-critical domains, such as healthcare. Understanding the limits of LLM performance in such domains is paramount, with a need for the identification of robust evaluation measures to ensure that these algorithms are working safely and effectively in situ. 

The SICSA REALLM workshop will provide a forum to share exciting research on LLMs. Our goal is to foster connections among SICSA researchers interested in NLP and Generative AI by highlighting and documenting promising approaches, and encouraging further work. We expect to draw interest from AI researchers working in a number of related areas including NLP, ML, reasoning systems, explainable artificial intelligence, conversational AI and applications of generative AI. 

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This workshop is produced using funding from the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA). 

The event is a collaboration between:

Robert Gordon University Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning (AIR) research group

Aberdeen University Computational Linguistics in AberdeeN (CLAN) research group